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Hi to all of you in ISN, Well ,I have to say that I did meet my soul mate through your site and that is why I haven't renewed my membership. He and I appreciate your time and effort to make this possible for us and others who are also looking.I have told so many of my single male and female friends about your site and hopefully they'll be signing up soon.I am a very picky person and I didn't think I could ever find some one Persian who is good enough but I did find him. Again, thank you for your hard work to make impossibles possible. Meena

hello dear isn me and my husband find each other in this site.2 years ago,and now we are married for 1 year and both of us are in iran and now we are in shiraz. thank u very much for your nice site.
Salam! I want to thank you for having this site for all persians to see! I met my husband on line last October. We exchanged pictures, talked on line, on the phone and after a month he came to see me. We had a great connection! We made plans to get married in August 2000 and we have been married for about 4 months now!! I also moved to Colorado to spend the rest of my life with him! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PROVIDING THE SERVICE! For those of you who think it might not work, give it a try and don't give up!! There is someone out there for everyone! Sincerly, Doost:-)
Subject: Thanks for making the impossible, so possible. just wanted to forward my warmest regards and also i would like to take the opportunity to encourage all fellow young single iranians to believing in love and the fact that if you keep looking for the right one with the right intentions only, that especial one will be found, and when she/he is finally found, from that moment, there will be no more searching, and you'll be feeling content and complete. Yes, what i'm talking about is my soul-mate. I did found her, right when i thought that i would never be able to. I love her from all my heart and soul, and i will always remember how i actually met her. Thank you again for making the impossible, so possible and god bless you all. // SSA & LSA //

I was your biggest skeptic. Infact I may have even made fun of people who used your service! Well I am writting to you to give you credit where it is due. I have met my beautiful wife through your service. We have been married for three months now. She lived on the east coast and I live in California. We did the cross country dating for almost year. Things weren't alway rosy. I met some women that I definitly was compatible with. In any case the reason I am writting this email is, the other night we were up late at night and my wife asked how our lives would have been so very different if it wasn't for the email I had sent. So we felt we owed it to you guys to sent you an email and acknowledge the benefit you are providing to all iranians. Thanks.
would like to thank all of you for this great system you have set up. You were able to help me find a friend who i have been seeing for the past two months. She is great. Thanks again.
Hello Fellow iranians, "We met each other through the ISN site some ten months ago and the rest is history. We are now married and expecting our first child in a few months. We are both professionals with a busy schedule. The site allowed us to find one another and communicate and get to know each other through a safe medium. Thank you so very much for making this possible for us. We only wish the same for all others who are giving your site a chance."
I thank you very much for posting my photo. Your website has been very effective, and I have received many inquiries. In fact, I have received so many messages that I have had difficulty just to keep up with responding to them. Therefore, I would like to ask you to remove the photo until further notice, since I already have so many correspondents. Thank you again for your assistance
Dear iraniansingles, We want to thank you for your most excellent site. I was in Maryland and my wife was in Los Angeles. We met on your site and the rest is as they say > history. We have been married for two weeks now and have known each other 9 months. We are thoroughly in love. We could not have found better matches for each other in a hundred years. From successful soulmates,
Salam be hamei bachahaie Irooni! Eidetoon mobarak azizam. Cynthia, an Italian US born-and-raise model and a banker, found me!! I must be the luckiest man this year! In short, she is an uptown girl who found her downtown man. My name is Kevin and I am average in all respect. I want to let all the men and women that no amount of money, fame, attitude, etc., can replace Who you really are..... You belong to a culture that believes in love, respect, and sincerity.... I want to encourage you to be who you are and fall in love! We have a cultural heritage that captures your heart. So, again, be who you really are... That is your winning Ace in the hole as they say. My advise to you is this: Work hard, be optimistic, hold your head up, try hard, play hard and at the end.... Please be who and what you really are.... Because that is what your mate will see and fall in love with - The real you! We wish you the very very best...... Kevin and Cynthia

Dear ISN: This is a true confession:I was notified of your site while completing my last year of my professional education. Not to mention I was in a small town in the middle of America. I was about to move and I browsed through your site. To my surprise there was nima in the city I was going to move to. And I thought to myself:"this is not true at all. I bet a 40-something guy in downtown LA has made up these characters and has put up a good show for us girls." BOY WAS I WRONG. Just for the fun of it,I sent nima an email. and shortly he responded with sincerity and truth.I was delighted to find a good friend in nima, and together we slowly found the true self in one another. As days went by we became more fond of each other. A few months later, we decided to seal our committment by marriage and continue on as husband and wife. We keep thanking ISN for giving us the opportunity to meet each other and tap into a dimension we both deserve. Thank you ISN Nima and Darya February 27,2000
Dear ISN: This is a true confession:I was notified of your site while completing my last year of my professional education. Not to mention I was in a small town in the middle of America. I was about to move and I browsed through your site. To my surprise there was nima in the city I was going to move to. And I thought to myself:"this is not true at all. I bet a 40-something guy in downtown LA has made up these characters and has put up a good show for us girls." BOY WAS I WRONG. Just for the fun of it,I sent nima an email. and shortly he responded with sincerity and truth.I was delighted to find a good friend in nima, and together we slowly found the true self in one another. As days went by we became more fond of each other. A few months later, we decided to seal our committment by marriage and continue on as husband and wife. We keep thanking ISN for giving us the opportunity to meet each other and tap into a dimension we both deserve. Thank you ISN Nima and Darya February 27,2000

ba salam; first i would like to thank you for making this net work for iranian singles. it is very useful for single people like me. i have been so occupied with work and taking care of my children these years that i never had a chance to go out and meet single people like myself. too bad that i found out few years late about it. however i am looking forward to find a good person in the near future from your net work.
Dearest ISN, service providers:just wanted to send my gratitude. thank you for giving all of iranians all over the world to try to reach each other and touch each others lives. My personal experience through isn has been not of marriage but of true frienships that "has been angle like"at the times of my life that i have had the most difficult time in my personal life,"I met a TRUE ANGEL "that given my the strength i needed to handle my life. MY gratitude and sincere thanks
Ba arzeh sallam, I just wanted to say thankyou..i was very skeptical and extremly shy at attempting to meet an individual and, didnt want to be "setup" with someone others thought would be feasible for me, i wanted to be able to discuss myself and learn about someone else and the computer allowed me this oppurtunity with-out compromising any of my values, I met someone through your site and we emailed and talked on the phone for over 5 months till we met...we became extremly close and he has become my best friend..thank you for your service,it has been invaluable
Thank you for the renwal notice, however, I have find that special someone about seventeen months ago through ISN and we are now married for over two months. I would appreciate if you can remove my profile and that of my husband and his picture from your database. Thanks so much.
Dear ISN, Only after a month of joining your net, we met and not realizing that we were made for each other only to be found through your system. We had only one idea in mind which was complete honesty. Taking advantage of the freedom of expression on the net, we got to know each other really well and after only 5 months, we are now happily married. Both of us are professional and highly educated, yet benefited from this net service. We wanted to thank you for your service and encourage honesty and only honesty between couples.
From you page iranian Singles Zohreh call me and I now go to see her. Talking a long while before meeting I believe has it's advantages. Keep up the good work. God only know our destiny although it does look very promising. I will cover 4,000 mile or so to see her. It is worth the try I will tell you that. My Internet Interpac will be no more for a while.
Ii have met a few very nice people who have become my cyber friends, now.\par thank you for having this web site. there are so many good people out there\par isolated by time and space. people who are are looking for people of similar\par interests, or just someone to talk to, some one to share the joys and pains of\par life! let's be there for each other.... ;-)
Salem, I do thank you for this service. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't of found the perfect person in my life. We have plans of getting married in two months. I never believed in meeting someone on the computer, but it really does work. My advice to everyone reading this ,is be patient and if things are meant to be, it will work itself out somehow. Thanks again for providing this great service! Good luck to everyone and believe and have hope, there is someone out there for everyone! Sincerly, happy couple:-)
hi, I am so happy, i found my husband through ISN after 6 months, i am married now, happyly and now expecting a baby!!!!!!! , this is really works, but you have to be patient and really work on it, good luck secerat name, bye.
I wasn't sure if you guys keep track of how successful your web site has been or not, but I like to share my story and thank you all for this service. I got to meet my current husband last year through your service, both of us had reservasion about sharing our profile on line specialy on a persion web site, but now we both agree that this was one of the wise things we did ever. I am very in love with my husband and if it wasn't because of you guys this could of not happened. Thanks alot, and I recomend your site to everyone!!!!
I just wanted to thank you guys ever so much for the invaluable service you have provided on the internet. a few months ago i met my honey mike (not his real name) on the isn, it turned out that his real name was amir, and he was only after one thing, true love. i am so happy these days, that i can't contain myself. i just wish you could meet him. he is the best. He calls all the time, he writes all the time. He makes me feel like a woman. He is my Roman God. i can't thank you enough. farzaneh
Salam! I wanted to thank you for this service. I have been with a man I met in this service for about 6 months in the same place i live which is great. I never thought I would meet someone from the computer, because I am not a computer person at all. I am so glad I met this special person. It's because of this great service you provide. I want to give you a thousand thanks!! Hopefully, things will work out with me I am sure they will. Wish me luck! For everyone out there if you stay on this service, keep with it there is someone out there for everyone we just have to make the first step!! Good luck to everyone and thanks again ISN!!! SMA

Salaam ISN. I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you people for introducing me to my husband. He and I met in August '97 through INS and this last December we got married. We love each other very much and feel we're true soul mates. Come to think of it, how can I ever thank you enough for what you've done? May the force be with you!
Salaam, I wish to thank the staff of ISN for the invaluable service that they are providing and I hope that it will continue for a long time to come. I have made many wonderful friends via ISN and thank all of you who helped to make it possible from the bottom of my heart. I have just removed my posting for now due to a little "surpirise" declaration of feeling from a very sweet and kind man in sweden that I have been corresponding with for some time. I leave you now with some wonderful words on true friendship: Honest men esteem and value nothing so much in this world as a real friend. Such a one is as it were another self, to whom we impart our most secret thoughts, who partakes of our joy, and comforts us in our affliction; add to this, that his company is an everlasting pleasure to us. - Pilpay (or Bidpai) Khoda hafez,
Dear ISN ... Thank you so very much for introducing me to the love of my life. Have you ever just thought at one time that " I've really found that one love of a life time." It was an instant connection , a true rush, uncomparable to any , so very real and such. We may never know what connects two people , but we found true love in each other...The kind that is quite rare in a life time. To put it very simply and boldly yet truly...we opened our eyes and heart to each other and fell in love despite our great distance as he is in West coast and I live in the East coast. Thank you ISN for giving this gift to us... >From this gift we were given to meet, and we promised our true love together with our suns , our moons and our stars above. With this promise of our hearts and souls , we have decided to spend the rest of our lives together and we truly sealed it with our love and we wanted to share this with you all ...We will treasure the memories that we will make together and a life time of sharing and a hundred more to love and care and we thank you ISN... If we could pass one thing onto anyone who reads this message , it would be that true love exists and we mean all these thank yous' from the bottom of our hearts both... Warmest regards, GA & AS

Dear Sir/Madam, About two month ago I received an e-mail from someone through the iranian-Singles-Network. Little I knew how special this person would become to me.We haven't even met in person but we have been communicating so much that we feel like we have known each other for years!This has been made possible by You. I and all honest participants are indebted to you and
Dear ISN, I just wanted to thank you for providing me and everyone else this opportunity to search for our "soul mate" as they call it. I will briefly tell me my story. I found out about ISN back in November of 97. I began to talk chat with alot of iranians which was really interesting for me. I met someone in the same state I am in, and we are doing great so far! Hopefully things will continue. I have a feeling that they will. I am so greatfull for this service! I wouldn't of met such a great persone if it weren't for you! We both still can't believe that a computer brought us together!! For anyone that's reading this, It really is possible to meet someone nice on the internet! Thanks again!!! S.M.A.
Saloom be Doostaneh Aziz: I wanted to take a moment to thank ISN for this wonderful service. I live in a small city in the Eastern part of the US. The iranian community is small and scattered. I have always prefered to marry an iranian, however, the reality of marrying iranian was very grim. If it wasn't for your service, I would have never met this wonderful man that I am currently corresponding with. For the last month now, we have been corresponding thru email and via phone. We have already exchanged pictures and we were pleasantly surprised of the attraction to each other. We have grown fond of each other over the past several weeks. The more we talk the more we find out how many things we have in common and enjoy. We are both excited in meeting each other in person. Although, it's still premature to make any conclusions on the out come of this meeting, but, the fact of the matter is, it's been a wonderful and hopeful experience for the both of us. I truly hope that this service continues for others, who perfer to marry iranian and to help preserve our culture and heritage. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being so gracious to provide such a wonderful service to bring two people from different parts of the city, state, and world together. hats off to you!!
I wanted to thank you for providing this service. I don't usually get a chance to meet a lot of persian people especially of the opposite sex. Through your service I just met a persian lady who I think is a very sweet and kind person with a great personality. We have been meeting for about two weeks now and I think so far we both are very happy about meeting each other. That is why I decided to delete my profile and picture. If it wasn't for your service we would have never met. Thank you again.

SALLAM I'm Writting you to thankyou for this great service me and my current fiance met on your service, we continued emailing back and forth only to realize he was a resident across the campus at the hospital where i went to school, we met for coffee and became good friends after a couple of months of casual dating his mom called and spoke to my mom all the way from iran, we are from the same neighborhood in Shiraz, and our families have friends in common in iran, i cant say how much i appreciate this service.....kaylee mahmnounam p.s. we are spending EID together this year and will be going to iran in a month, to spend time with family KOHDA NEGAHDAREHTOUN

First time I started corrosponding through ISN, I was more curious than anything else. I never thought I would end up in a serious relationship. Laila (not her real name) had seen my profile, and sent me an email letting me know about a party in town.(There are not too many iranians where we live).I wrote her back and asked how she had gotten my e-mail address. (ISN of course). To make a long story short, we wrote back and forth for about two weeks, until we finally met for coffee. She was gorgeous! We were both shocked why we have never seen each other even though we live in the same small town. We are both looking for a long term committment and have a lot in common. We have been dating for a bout a month and I think she is "THE ONE". I wanted to thank you for your service, and if you would please remove my name because I am no longer seeking another woman.

Dear Isn, Thank you for your service. When I broke up with my American boyfriend, I decided that there are too many cultural differences between myself and American men and that I should get serious about dating iranian men. The problem was that I don't meet very men nice young iranian Men. My girlfriend told me about ISN and that how I met Ali. I added my profile to ISN and I started receiving tens of messages a day. That was too much. I got some very nice messages, and some that were definitly not my type. I changed my email address to hotmail so that the emails from guys would not interfere with school work emails. The weirdo messages I just deleted. (Is there any way to keep them out?) and nice one I would read. Some I would read a couple of times. It was kind of fun and games for a while. Ali ( who goes to school with me) started sending messages (I never knew he liked me). We have been dating for a about two weeks now and I rreally like him. Please remove my name ISN for now.
Hello, I would also like to thank you for setting up the network because I've had nothing but good experiences in my communications with the men who responded to my profile. I was introduced to the network by an iranian friend and was initially hesitant to submit a profile because I am non-iranian. Now, however, I am happy that I participated because not only have I met interesting and educated iranian men, but I have also increased my knowledge of the iranian culture! Well, thanks again and keep up the good work!:))
Salaam Arz Mikonam, I would like to thank you for offering such wonderful service. Although, I have never dated an iranian women and wouldn't know where to start, this is certainly an excellent start. Again, thank you for your service. Kind regards,
This is a terrific Idea. I hope that everyone uses it with respect so everyone can benefit from this wonderful service. Pleae keep up the good work. Thanks a bunch!
Just a few words to say thanks for providing such an excellent service. I am a new member and I am very impressed by the quality and the exceptional layout of the different pages that you have posted. This is a welcome product for many iranian singles that would like to communicate with their fellow country men/women. Thanks again,

Hello!There,my best wishes my best regards for the people who do work in **,really!You're representin' great job for the young people who want build up their good families among nices women and men. Allah bless you all!! I send you picture and i hope you do accept this baggage of flower as a symbol of a good heart who lives behind the contenents, for the people who work in thisa net. Khodahafez.
Dear ISN, I have to thank you for the wonderful e-mail messages I have been getting from ISN members. I must say sometimes the mesaages are overwhelming and I feel bad because I can't respond to everyone. Some of the guys are very serious and sincere, and other well..... ( I guess that's everywhere). I have met a guy who I think is the love of my life. He is funny, good looking, successful, family oriented, and loving. I met him through ISN. He started sending me poetry in farsi that I thought was lovely. At first I thought the poems were generic, and then I realized he was actually writting them for me. We talked on the phone for many hours. You should see our phone bills. He lives about 2 hours away from me, which makes things difficult. He has flown 4 times to come and see me. We are already talking about possibly him moving out to California where I live.

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